The skin of the body also requires special care to help keep it healthy, giving it a better appearance and thus gaining self-esteem and quality of life.

Dermaglow Esthetic has the most advanced equipment that allows to improve the skin and find the perfect balance.

Within this category we offer you a great variety to be able to evaluate the best one for your case in excess of fat, cellulite, liquid retention, etc. The technique will be used with Meso Pen, it is recommended to carry out a session every 7 days for 10 sessions.


The most popular in people active in physical exercise. It is typically used in the reduction of cellulite and excess fat.


It increases circulation, improves the proliferation of fibroblasts and increases collagen synthesis. Moisturizes the tissue and improves skin elasticity.


It helps reduce adipose tissue, stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, reducing the retention of accumulated fluids in the tissues and reduces swelling. Prevents skin aging caused by free radicals.


It stimulates the lymphatic drainage system, detoxifies the tissue and prevents skin aging, firms and improves skin tone and vitality.


Improves the quality of the entire skin and dermal health, its tone, texture and vitality. Particularly on skin with cellulite problems, swelling and poor circulation.


Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, accelerates lipid metabolism and improves skin tone and texture.


Triple action on the metabolism of adipocytes: Helps reduce the number of fat cells, Promotes the metabolism of stored fat and Prevents the formation of new fat accumulation.

  • Cost $85
  • Duration 1 hour 

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One of the latest technologies to slim and firm the skin, combining traditional endermology, (rollers and suction) radiofrequency, LED, Infrared and the top that is the safe cavitation approved by the FDA that protects bones and tissues, attacking only the adipose tissue. Achieve excellent results with this technology that sculpts bodies, reducing measurements and attacking flaccidity in the same session.

  • Cost: $650 large areas (legs, buttocks, abdomen) for 5 sessions lasting 1 hour.
  • Cost: $350 small areas (Face, Arms, jowls) for 5 sessions lasting 45 minutes

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Latest generation treatment in the world of aesthetics to shape the body. Unique in its kind capable of developing and toning muscles, combined with Radiofrequency which allows it to melt fat and helps with flaccidity at the same time. During a 30-minute session you reach up to 20,000 muscle contractions, it can be used in multiple parts of the body.

Cost: $849   5 sessions lasting 30 minutes.

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